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FREE season pass for neighborhood group trip organizer

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Frequently Asked Questions

Reward programs

FREE season pass for neighborhood group trip organizer

When you sign up a minimum of 35 ppl from the same neighborhood on a group trip, we will provide you with curbside service, meaning we will pick you up at your neighborhood. As a reward to the organizer, you will get a 2017-2018 Tahoe Local Pass or equivalent pass of your choosing curtsey of NAC SKI.

How to get started?

1. Download organizer's flyer from Group trips page
2. Talk to your neighbors, home owner association, decide on the date and resort.
3. Notify us by email: with the following info:
  1. trip date
  2. ski resort
  3. pickup address

1. Individual booking is required. i.e. One cannot book on behalf of others except for family members.
2. Group size between 35 to 56. Lift ticket purchase 15 minimum.
3. All participants must live in the same neighborhood.
4. This promotion does not apply to students from the same school.


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