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Frequently Asked Questions

Reward Program

Frequent Skier's Program

After each trip, we ask you to fill out a survey and you get $5 "Frequent Skier Points" for the effort. Private group trips is not eligible. It does not apply to those who book the trip on behalf of others. You can redeem your reward points once you accumulate to $50.

Referral Programs

2024 Special Referral Program:

When you refer your friends to join NAC SKI, you and each of your newly refered friends will get a $10 coupon off regular priced trip. Here is how:

Log in to your NAC SKI account, click My account

You will find your referral link (orange color) and send it to your friends, ask them to register.

When they use the link you sent and register, the system will recognize you as their referral person. Within a few hours after they activate their account, they will find a $10 coupon under "Account Balance". They can use the coupon to book any regular priced trip. After they complete their trips, we will put a $10 coupon in your account for each friend you referred. If you got a lot of ski buddies, you're going to get a lot of coupons.

All referral programs are for referring new customers only.
Verbal referral does not count and cannot be added retroactively.
Each coupon is valid for (1) full year from its issuing date.
The coupon has no cash value and can only be used for regular priced trips.
Coupons cannot be combined, ie, usage is limited to 1 coupon per trip.
Special Referral Program ends on 03/30/2025.

Regular Regional Referral Program (old):

When the person you referred takes our trip, within 1 week after the trip, you will see $5 bonus points deposit in your NAC SKI account. Once you accumulate $50 bonus points, you can redeem them to book your ski trip.

Gold Membership

The Gold Membership costs only $35 per calendar year currently. Once you've paid the membership fee, your gold membership will stay active for the next 365 days. During this time, you enjoy $6 off for each trip you book. Therefore, if you plan to take 6 or more trips for next calendar year, it pays be a Gold Member.

How to redeem my reward points?

You can redeem your reward points once your accumulated total reaches $50. You have the option to apply your reward points in place of cash for a discount when booking trip.


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