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Epic / IKON Corporate Promo

How to claim my $150 coupons

If you work for or go to school at one of the participating companies or universities, ie, The List, follow these steps:

1. Use your company or school email, forward your Epic / IKON pass order confirmation email to info@nacski.com. If work email is not allowed for personal use, an employee / student ID will do, in this case, just send us your pass receipt and a copy of work ID using your personal email.

2. Update your NAC SKI account profile so the information matches.

3. Find your company or school logo on the booking page and pay the $0.50 coupon processing fee.

You will find $150 coupons under your "Account Balance" in about 3 business days.

If you are not associated with the 100 participating companies and universities, ie, The List, but you qualify under the Friends and Family Plan, you got two additional steps to complete:

1. Have your friend vouch for you.
2. Refer your friend to register on our site.


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