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I bought passes for the who family
Pass type and coupon value
How to claim my $150 coupons
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Where are my coupons?
I have both Epic and IKON passes

Reward Program
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Before the trip
Can a round trip bus ticket be used on different days?
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Cancellation policy
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How to get my boarding pass?
How to change pick-up location?
Can I buy lift ticket only?
Are we on the same bus?
when do I get my ski ticket, rental equipment?
Child on board
Is there a waiting list?
Sorry, I didn't get the email
Can my friend take my place?
I booked for me and my friend, does he need a boarding pass?
Refund Policy

During the trip
Lost & Found
Do we get food?
Can I park there?
What is a Tour Lead
I missed the bus in the AM!
I missed the bus in the PM!
Does the bus stop for food?
One-way trips?
Is there a restroom on the bus?
Is the bus locked during the day?
When do we get back?
Can I bring alcohol on the bus?
Bus Behavior

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Frequently Asked Questions

Epic / IKON Corporate Promo

Pass type and coupon value

Epic: $150
Epic Local: $150
Tahoe Local: $150
Tahoe Value: $150
Kirkwood: $150
Military: $150
College: $150
Senior: $150
Epic n-day pass: n $15, $10 mixed coupons
Epic 1-day pass: a $15 coupon

IKON: $150
IKON Base: $150
IKON Base Plus: $150
IKON 4-day pass: 3 $15 + 1 $10 coupons
IKON 3-day pass: 2 $15 + 1 $10 coupons
IKON 2-day pass: 2 $15 coupons


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