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Frequently Asked Questions

Before the trip

PayPal Blank Page

If you find a blank page after clicking "PayPal BUY NOW", it means your browser is blocking the pop-up window. You can google "disable pop up blocker" for details. These examples show you how:

Settings | Safari | Block Pop-ups (uncheck)

Mac OS Sonoma 14.2.1
Settings | Safari | Websites | Pop-up Windows
nacski.com (on the left) dropdown menu (Allow)

Firefox 26.0
Firefox | Options | Content
Uncheck "Block pop-up windows"

Chrome 32.0
Chrome menu | Settings | Show advanced settings
in the "Privacy" section, click Content settings
in the "Pop-ups" section, select "Allow all sites to show pop-ups."

Internet Explorer 11
Tools | Internet options | Privacy
Uncheck "Turn on Pop-up Blocker"

Can a round trip bus ticket be used on different days?

Short Answer: No.

Long Answer: Round trip bus tickets are good for the day of the trip.

For example, if you plan to ski for Saturday at resort A and Sunday at Resort B, to use our service, you need to check our "Day trips" tap, to make sure we have trips to the two resorts on the two days you had in mind. Then you need to book a 1-way resort bound bus ticket on the Saturday trip to resort A and book a 1-way home bound bus ticket on the Sunday trip for resort B.

California bus fare $69, $79, $89

All public trip bus are listed with early booking discount, aka, Early Bird rate $69. This rate is normally offered to the first 10 seats on each bus :

Early Bird: $69
Regular: $79
Full fare: $89 = Regular + $10 late booking charge

How to secure $69 bus fare ?

Short Answer: Don't wait, book early while it is still $69.

Long Answer: In California, most ski trips have 3 bus fares:

Early Booking Rate: $69
Regular Rate: $79
Late booking: $89

On each bus, the first 10 to 15 seats are priced at $69. The regular rate is $79. Late booking is $89.

Cancellation policy


You get a FULL REFUND within 6 hrs plus a $10 voucher by email for you to book another trip on the same day. When do we decide if a trip is canceled? Thursday is usually the latest for weekend trips.


You may cancel your booking 48 hrs prior. Once we process your request, you will be refunded the original payment minus a handling charge of $15 per seat. Log in to your account, go to Order history to request to cancel.

When is the booking deadline?

There is NO deadline. Booking is open 24/7. The available seat count is shown at the upper right corner of each trip. 10+ means there are plenty of seats. When it is low, the real time seat count will be shown.

How to get my boarding pass?

Log in | My account | Order History | e boarding pass - take a phone pic

Just show it on your phone.

How to change pick-up location?

You can change it at any time. Sometimes we might change a route in which case we will ask you to re-enter your pick-up location choice:

My account | Order History | change pick-up location
My account | Order History | e boarding pass

Can I buy lift ticket only?

No. NAC SKI is not a ticket re-seller therefore we do not sell lift ticket without the bus fare. If you forgot to order a lift ticket or other product, you can place a second order, at the checkout ignore the warning message as long as your prior order has the bus ticket(s).

Are we on the same bus?

My friends and I booked the same trip with the same Trip ID but we will board at different locations. Are we on the same bus?

YES. If you two have the same Trip ID, you are on the same physical bus. Let's take a look at the naming convention of a Trip ID. Example:


CA - State code for California
NSTR - Resort code for Northstar
R - Regular public trip
040514 - April 5th, 2014 is the trip date
N1 - #1 bus for this resort on this day

If we send 2 buses to the same resort on the same day, they will have different Trip IDs:


when do I get my ski ticket, rental equipment?

Short Answer: At the resort

Long Answer: When the bus arrives at the resort, the tour lead will get the tickets and rental vouchers and hand them out to the passengers by name.

Child on board

Children under 3 are not allowed to board the bus for safety reason. Children 12 and under must be accompanied by adult. Passengers age 13-17 traveling alone require signed parental consent form. All ski resort requires parent/guardian to sign for a minor when renting equipment. Therefore parent/guardian must accompany their children if they need rental equipments.

Detailed instructions can be found at the end of the document:
Parental Consent Form.

I'd return on another day

Yes, this option is available by booking one way bus fare to the resort one day and return on another day. The one way bus fare will be available on a trip once a trip has met the minimum passenger requirement. There is some rules that apply. 1. The trips that you book one way bus fare must be confirmed since unconfirmed buses are subject to cancellation. The terms and conditions state for bus cancellations, that in such event, NAC SKI will issue full refund to all the paid passengers within 6 hours of such decision. I/WE will not hold NAC SKI responsible for any cost incurred due to the travel plan change caused by the trip cancellation beyond the refund of my original trip booking.

Is there a waiting list?

When a trip is fully booked, it shows open seats as zero. People may still book the trip, but they will be put on the waiting list and the open seat count will show negative numbers.

If you eventually don't get in, you get a FULL REFUND. Gift Certificate should not be used to put you on a waiting list since they will not get replaced if you don't get in.

Sorry, I didn't get the email

Most notices from NAC SKI (weather, pickup location / time changes, etc.) will be communicated to you via email, therefore it is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to maintain an active email address with sufficient capacity, and free from any blocking and filtering and always check your email several times before any trip. Avoid using hotmail or msn, we have observed multiple cases where customers complained not receiving order confirmation emails.

Can my friend take my place?

Yes, You can change the passenger name any time prior to the trip:

Log in | My Account | Order History | change passenger name

Gold Member is not allowed to have others take your place.

I booked for me and my friend, does he need a boarding pass?

No. When you purchase multiple trip packages, it is indicated on our trip roster and on your boarding pass. So, your friend(s) do not need a boarding pass or driver's license as long as you have your photo ID and your boarding pass that shows the number of tickets you bought. To minimize confusion, we strongly suggest that all members in your party board the bus together at the same pickup location.

Refund Policy

If NAC SKI cancels a trip, we will issue FULL REFUND within 6 hours..


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